Features & Benefits:  Shade Sail Structures

  • Engineered for 170 mph wind loads with shade sail canopy off and 120 mph wind loads with shade sail canopy on (note: canopies must be removed when winds are forecasted to be greater than 90 mph to avoid fabric canopy  damage)
  • Lowers the temperature up to 20 degrees underneath fabric structures
  • Blocks up to 97% ultraviolet radiation for greater sun protection
  • Provides 85 – 95% shade
  • Holds up to 5 lbs snow loads, 10 lbs live loads
  • 80% water repellent

Non-Prorated Warranty: Fabric – 15 years | Frame – 20 years

Steel: Carolina Shade Sails uses structural steel for our architectural fabric structures.  Our heavy duty type of steel comes from the reputable Allied Steel whose products are made from cold-rolled, galvanized tubular steel with a triple layer of protection. Allied Steel products outperform most steels in tensile strength and long-term corrosion resistance, as well as saltwater spray and other weathering tests.

Fabric: Our shade sail fabric cloth is known for its strength, vibrant color and durability. The high-density polyethylene fabric with ultraviolet additives is Rachel knitted so material will not unravel when cut, ensuring stability and a consistent shade sail pattern. All of our shade sail fabric passes the ASTM E-84 fire rating test as well as the NFPA 255 and NFPA-701, and is rated a Class 1 Material.

Thread: Tenera thread used for stitching is guaranteed not to rot due to UV exposure or other environmental causes. The thread carries a lifetime guarantee.

Corners: Fabric connection points are triple reinforced. Each connecting point has vinyl sewn between layers for reinforcement.

Cable & Fasteners: Tensioning cable is galvanized steel; fasteners are stainless steel.

Quick & Easy Cover Removal:  Carolina Shade Sails require no special tools for removal. Just loosen the turnbuckles and you’re done!


Colors: Call us for a complete listing.

100% Recyclable