Shaded Parking 38 Cents per Day

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The Sun is the bringer of sunshine and sunny days. It brings life to our Planet and Vitamin D is always enjoyed and has brought a smile to the face of us all at one point. It is only recently in human history that we realize that the bringer of life can also be harmful to us in many ways. Skin cancer has increased over the years as excess exposure to the Sun’s harmful UV rays and radiation continue to burn our skin.

What we also need to realize is the damage the Sun is doing to our vehicles when they sit in the Sun as well. Battery and tire life is shortened, the interior of a car can reach temperatures exceeding 130 Degrees, and the metal, plastic, and leather in the car becomes extremely hot to the touch. Shaded parking is the solution to keep our vehicles cool on hot sunny days.

Shade Structures are gaining popularity around the world at an incredible rate, but have been slow to show up in the United States. Many states that receive a lot of Sun (and minimal snow) like Arizona, Florida, California, and Texas have begun to ramp up their efforts to shade more parking. In light of the rise of the electric vehicles and need for more charging stations, Shade Structures have also been necessary to protect electric vehicles and electric charging stations alike from the Sun.

The issue with shaded parking is the expense. It is believed that shaded parking is an expensive proposition, especially in large parking lots with hundreds or thousands of parking spaces. The truth is that shaded parking can be affordable and will help protect people and vehicles from the Sun’s harmful effects on sunny days.

Shade Structures can be an affordable long term solution to a hot parking lot. The cost per Shade Structure per parking space is usually around $2,000. Quality Shade Structure Companies provide a 15 Year Warranty (Non-Prorated) that will replace the Shade Structure if it does not hold up for the 15 years.

If you break the average cost of $2,000 per space over a 15 year guaranteed time frame, the cost comes to $0.38 per day per parking space.

The return on investment for businesses can be huge if they can even get one customer per week to come shop at their store over other choices because of the covered parking. A happy relaxed customer is a much bigger spender than a customer who is worried about a hot car or at another store with shaded parking!

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The return on investment for residences is the years of saved vehicle battery life as well as tire life. If the shade structure saves your vehicle 3 batteries and 2 sets of tires, you’ve already saved over $1,000! That plus your vehicle being shaded from the Sun and cool every time you enter it makes the cost well worth the original investment.

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