Early Education Shade Structure – State University of NY

D.W. Arthur Associates Architecture Inc designed a covered playground area featuring an artistic fabric shade canopy.  A beautiful Minstral canopy was designed with the help of Fabric Architecture to blend functionality with style and is a permanent all year canopy.  The canopy is approximately 26’x36’ foot.  To blend in with the existing architecture, the steel framework was color matched to the surrounding buildings.

The canopy was patterned and manufactured using a white Type 2 Ferrari fabric (a canopy that can be fully recycled and lasts 20+ years). The architect selected white because it looks bright, clean and allows for greater light transmission than other colors.

Engineered to Perform:
The construction photos highlight sunny, hot and dry weather. However, winters can be brutal. With the average snow fall in New York close to 100 inches per year, special design and engineering criteria had to be met.  The canopy features snow tie back canopies to help balance the loads, while foundations were increased to greater strength.

Sate University of New York – SUNY Delhi – is very pleased with their new canopy and with one of the hottest summers on record; the Mistral is adding much needed sun protection.