Outdoor Canopies known for Superior Quality & Design

Carolina Shade Sails is pleased to partner with Apollo Sunguard.  Apollo’s Playground shade canopies are just one of our many popular products and you just won’t find a better pool, park or playground shade system anywhere.

Shade Canopy

Whether you are designing a new playground or retrofitting a new one, the patented PlayTower by Apollo Sunguard makes it easier than ever to help keep kids safe.

Did you know that one in five children will develop skin cancer during his or her lifetime? And just one blistering sunburn can double a child’s risk.

Kids are also at risk for burns on play surfaces that can easily exceed 160ºF. A safe playground begins with cool shade from Apollo Sunguard.

And PlayTowers are the new gold standard in playground safety and fun. PlayTowers are the only patented, integrated shade systems that covers the play area beyond the equipment, creating an obstacle free area with 97% UV protection.

All Apollo Sunguard systems include canopies that are easy to remove for extreme weather; plus popular color choices; and stylish structures that meet international building codes.

Coordinated shade structures are also available for bleachers, pools, parking, EV charging stations, and custom applications.

Kids need stimulating time away from TV, video games, and computers. Patented PlayTowers keep your playgrounds available during the brightest times of the day. If you are watching this, it is probably because people count on you to keep kids safe.

PlayTowers are the simple, affordable way to choose safety, minimize liability, and create environments where kids can thrive.

Kids don’t know it’s safer, parents do.