Ole Asheboro Park Shade Sail


Ole Asheboro Park – Gate City Blvd, Greensboro NC –Home to more than 1,000 families, Ole Asheboro is one of the City’s most ambitious neighborhood efforts. Designated in 1979 as part of an even larger revitalization effort encompassing the Arlington Park and Vance areas, Ole Asheboro has seen considerable progress. The addition of Ole Asheboro Park Shade Sail is one example.

Ole Asheboro Park is a welcoming site as you travel down Gate City Blvd in Greensboro. The 33’ Terra Cotta shade Sail, in the center of the park ,is surrounded by winding pebble walkways and eye pleasing art sculptures. Stop by and relax in the shade next time you are in downtown Greensboro!

ole Asheboro 3 IMG_3966 IMG_4227ole Asheboro 4 IMG_3965