Shade Sails for BOMAG Corporate Patio

BOMAG photo Oct

BOMAG Americas, a producer of compaction equipment, milling machines, asphalt pavers and reclaimer/stabilizers for road building and other construction markets, will be establishing its North America headquarters in Fairfield County. The $18.2 million investment is expected to bring 121 new jobs along with a showcase room and BOMAG’s assembly operation.The new facility will be constructed at Fairfield Commerce Center, located 3339 East Peach Road, Ridgeway, South Carolina.

Carolina Shade Sails (Apollo Sunguard) in partnership with Keeler Landscape has worked diligently to help BOMAG prepare the state of the art facility with an inviting outside patio, beautiful shade sails and landscaping. The Shade Sails are a custom structure with 5 steel columns and 3 large dessert sand and royal blue Shade Sails to match the corporate colors. The sails span over 50’ and give architectural interest as well as providing valuable shade.

BOMAG SAils Photo 2