Unique Covered Outdoor Space for Residents

Carolina Shade Sails is pleased to highlight a Hypar Shade Structure in London.  The award winning architectural practice TP Bennett, had the vision to create a unique covered outdoor space for residents. The covered zone had to be in keeping with the overall design, with a contemporary and high quality finish. The end result is a multi-purpose courtyard area in which students can relax, study, and socialise – all under shade and with wi-fi access – making it a very functional and robust space to enjoy all year round.

The canopy fulfills the needs of the user by providing much needed shade in the courtyard area. The large footprint and clean lines echo the surroundings and this helps to create a modern yet comfortable space which can be used for any occasion.

The Hypar PVC structure that is approximatley  28′ x 28′ and mounted on steel masts.